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Survey Says….


These past few weeks have brought some interesting news about the changes various pollsters, surveyors and pointy-head focus group types are seeing in American’s media consumption. @SpotonPolitics, our running Twitter feed of products, news and trends, keeps some of you up-to-date on these trends.

But not everyone loves Twitter so it’s worth pointing out these few highlights we think our clients should know about:

- A recent survey says 60 million US adults – over 18 – watch TV shows online. That’s 30% of the adult population and no, those reports don’t come with GRP’s attached. Smart Brief

- The Post Office is raising rates and considering canceling Saturday delivery. Bad news for direct mail. NYTimes

- Facebook’s audience continues to grow. But it’s getting older, and more female. In other words, it’s Swing Voter City. Paid Content

- Web traffic to sites affiliated with newspapers is increasing. Good news for local news. Media Week

- Women pay attention to display ads. They also make up the bulk of local news site’s readership. Media Post

- Microsoft’s MSN network starts to move away from the “click-through” as a metric for ad performance. Sorry, still no GRPs but we’re working on it. Paid Content

- Facebook has made some change in “community sites.” Our take: this will impact “fan” pages sometime soon and that “soon” could be between now and November. You don’t need to know all the details but you might want to check in on the broad strokes. Social Media Examiner

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