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A New Look


If you haven’t noticed something new about our website then, well, we’re doing something VERY wrong. Some of you loyal readers and visitors might have a few questions. So here goes with the answers.

Spot-on has launched an on-line ad buying service – we’re calling it Pinpoint Persuasion – to serve a select and demanding group of clients, political consultants and campaign managers. We know they’re out there and we know they want to buy ads – hey, who doesn’t want to be like Barack Obama? But there’s a lot of confusion over where to buy and how to buy. Pinpoint Persuasion aims to clear that up – for all advertisers, regardless of party affiliation, orientation or cause.

For details about what we do and how we’re doing it, you can check out two brand new sections of our site. The “About Us” pages give you the low-down on the new team, our skills, background and how to find us. The “FAQ” and “How it Works” pages will tell you pretty much everything you need to know for on-line ad buying.

Our syndication business – the start or our on-line efforts – is no longer our only public face to the world but it remains a strong part of our business and a key element of our commitment to help readers better understand their world. We’ll be renovating that section of site later this month, adding some writers, some new features as well as demos and links to our existing (and growing!) editorial clientele.

As always, you have our thanks for reading. And yes, you really should get a copy of our newsletter. If you’re an editorial client, click here and we’ll sign you right up.


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