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In a July post from New Delhi, “Living with Terror” Gopika Kaul wrote the following sentence: “This year is proving to be deadly for India – literally.”

Yesterday, with a series of violent attacks in southen Mumbai – the city you may know as Bombay – her fears and those of many other India citizens were realized. And while regular Spot-on readers may be shocked by the attacks in Mumbai you are probably less suprised than others. Gopika’s been telling us about “India Mujaideen” since mid-summer.

For the past few months Gopika Kaul has been chronicling the growing sense of dread in her country. She’s spelled out some of the roots of the conflict between the region’s Muslims and Hindus in “It’s Happened. Again” and she’s wondered, with others, about the Indian police forces responses to the attacks in “A Constant Presence.”

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