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Regular visitors here might notice something a little different about our masthead. It has a new tab “Ad service” that takes you to our Pinpoint Persuasion ad-buying website.

That’s right. We’re selling ads. Why? Well, because advertising and editorial go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Yeah, it looks funny. But it works great. Just ask Mr. Reese.

And just as Spot-on doesn’t offer just any kind of writers, we’re not selling just any kind of ads. We’re set up to serve a specific market in a specific way. If you run a political campaign, do public affairs or crisis PR, place advocacy ad buys for unions, corporations or non-profits, Spot-on’s Pinpoint Persuasion is should be your first stop to evaluate your on-line options.

The site’s password protected. So not just anyone can take advantage of the powerful database we’ve collected. But if you do, you’ll see that it includes a long list of established news outlets with demographic information and brief reviews of the sites’ editorial and political orientation. Pinpoint Persuasion is THE site for evaluating and plan a campaign’s on-line media buys so you can make sure your message is targeted at a receptive audience.

Pinpoint Persuasion goes public today. But we’ve been ad this ad stuff for a while and have a growing list of clients across the country. Drop us a line and we’ll tell you how Spot-on’s Pinpoint Persuasion can help you get your message to the right voters and readers.

The right ad, in the right place at the right time. Now that’s Spot-on.


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