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You’re not imagining things. Last week was a Palin-palooza here at And since we don’t want you to miss anything, here’s a recap.

First up, Scott Olin Schmidt who thinks that Sarah Palin’s selection as John McCain’s VP is all about the boys – Republican men – not about women in “Suddenly, Sarah”

Jeanne Jackson looked at Palin and noted that many, many mothers like her will see something familiar – and like it. “Live From St. Paul, It’s…..

Deborah Klosky’s compared Palin and a female minister of defense for Spain’s Socialist Party – the two women are more different than they are alike, she notes. And perhaps that’s true of others as well in “And Still About Sarah”

Chris Nolan took a look at Sarah Palin and how her choice is a counter to Michelle Obama, not Joe Biden And it’s not a race contrast, it’s a class contrast in “Sarah Smile”.

And Christopher Brauchli wasn’t crazy about the entire idea of Palin’s nomination. It won’t, he said, bring in disenchanted Clinton Voters. “Baked Alaska.”

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