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Spot-on’s New Year’s resolutions are many and predictable (like you, we could be thinner, more industrious and a little better about meeting deadline). One thing we want to keep doing is offering you the same ahead-of-the-curve political commentary that’s kept you better informed and yes, entertained in the past year.

So we’ll start off the new year by reminding you what we did in the soon-to-be-old. Why? Well, most of the comments and observations included in these pieces were well ahead of the conventional wisdom touted on most editorial pages or blogs. We lead. They follow. That’s why we’re spot-on.

Our Libertarian, Mike Spinney’s got the most jaundiced eye of all of us when it comes to the mainstream political candidates. Mike’s backing Libertarian Ron Paul and it’s not – as some would have it – a protest vote. Check out I’m a Domestic Terrorist.

Spot-on founder Chris Nolan, a cranky Liberal, looked at why Sen. Hillary Clinton isn’t as popular as expected with “professional” women. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun says Nolan.

Scott Olin Schmidt, a business-oriented Republican, filed a solid piece on why former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is doing well and what that means for Republicans. Hope for Huckabee. Scott’s also been very good on former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s faltering strategy to attract more conservative voters. Rudy Goes Right and Wrong.

Our health care writer, Matthew Holt noted that while headlines have been touting California’s partial passage of a healthcare bill, it doesn’t really amount to much of a solution to any of the problems plaguing the system. We think healthcare is going to play an increasingly important role in the election conversation. Read Matthew’s Last of the Old Solutions for a look at why.

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