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Time to spend a little time reminding you of Spot-on’s ability to get in front of the news. Well in front.

Christopher Allbritton’s piece on Iran’s place in the new Middle East could serve as a primer for those of you interested in Sen. Barack Obama’s recent foreign policy pronouncements.

Today’s coverage of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton centers on her strategy as a candidate. In August, Chris Nolan looked at how Sen. Clinton might win the race and noted Clinton’s ability to manipulate the ambivalence so many feel toward her may well pay off.

Scott Olin Schmidt has been consistently ahead of the news in many respects. His last piece about the Southern California fires and suburban sprawl is a topic on the minds of many editorial writers theses days.

And while you may not enjoy the idea of shock jock Don Imus returning to the airwaves, Mike Spinney thinks it’s a fine idea. A week or so before Imus announced his new deal to return to the air, Spinney explained why the I-man is so loved.

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