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Last week, on The


Last week, on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart mocked comedian Whoopi Goldberg for suggesting that dog fighting – a la Michael Vick – was a “southern tradition.” You Spot-on reader might have found that familiar. Jeanne Jackson had made a similar suggestion earlier in the week.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave a speech this week at Columbia University as was immediately denounced as a crack-pot. Spot-on readers know all about Ahmadinejad’s nuttiness. Christopher Brauchli‘s been on to him for a while.

This week, Jeanne and Chris turned their attention to airport manners and morays. Given their track-records on wondering about the news – or the potential for satire – before it catches on elsewhere, we’re calling both these fine bits of writing to your attention.

Jeanne’s “Southwest Exposure” is here. And Chris’ “Babies on Board” is here.

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