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Came to Spot-on for Christopher Allbritton’s fine piece on George Bush “Did He Really Just Say That?” Or Scott Olin Schmidt’s smart work on “Gays for Giuliani”? Or Jonathan Ansfield’s insights on Milwaukee Bucks recruit Yi Jianlian? Well then, hang around for all the other fine political writing. We got plenty.

Scott’s most recent piece is a great example of his smart, ahead-of-curve commentary. Here’s another: His piece on the Iowa Caucuses and their ridiculous effect on corn prices, echoed, nicely by his friends at the National Review.

He’s not alone in seeing what’s coming. Spot-on founder Chris Nolan has spend some of the summer wondering about the use of the Internet for dirty tricks campaigning. And Mike Spinney’s writing on Republicans in action is well, timeless. Mike’s work on the role of religion in politics is also compelling. And Matthew Holt’s the only health care pundit we know who makes sense. Really. Read his review of Michael Moore’s Sicko and you’ll see what we mean.

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