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BarrySpot – Updated


Thank God this media frenzy is over. Finally, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds is the Home Run King Of All Time having hit the ball out of the park 756 times in his career. Like any ball fan, Spot-on’s Mike Spinney has been watching Bonds but unlike every fan he’s had a different take on what’s going on. So we want to take this opportunity to direct your attention to his post on steroids, Bonds and baseball Brewers’ owner Bug Selig. The observations – complete with Monty Python reference – are as sharp today as they were when Mike made them in May.

That, of course, gives Spot-on yet another reason to shout our favorite slogan: We say it here first, you read it there later.

We have a few other recent examples to support our cheer. Just for kicks – cause, well, we can’t resist – we’ll pull them from the National Newspaper of Record, The New York Times.

Spot-on founder Chris Nolan has been writing about “fear of fear” and the Bush Administration since 2004. The Times just caught up to that idea today with this editorial: “The Fear of Fear Itself. ” Smart of them, eh?

Earlier this week, looking at the Times’ front page, Spot-on readers were reminded of Nicole Martinelli’s piece on “virtual” locks and the now-famed Roman bridge the Ponte Milvio. Unlike the Times, Nicole had some insight – and her usual smart remarks – on the “virtual” alternative to getting a padlock, inscribing your lover’s name and journeying to Rome to throw the key in the river. Nicole’s reports about on-line behavior weren’t included in the Times’ report. And you know why, don’t you? That’s right. We say it here first, you can read it there later.

So, if you edit a newspaper, produce a TV or radio show and want to add any of our fine writers to your editorial mix, give us a shout. Our syndication fees are reasonable, our writers responsible and our editorial as sticky as fly-paper. And we’re always adding strong voices with lots to say and engaging and smart ways of saying it. Write Spot-on founder and editor Chris Nolan for all the details about pricing, availability and delivery.

In the meantime, have at the freebies. They include a subscription to our RSS feed. Updates via RSS are also available via MyYahoo and Bloglines. We’ve also got a smart little weekly newsletter (it’s free, it’s fun and we won’t sell your name to anyone – promise). Sign up here.

Thanks for reading. Now that Barry’s done, we’ll get back to something serious. Like, oh, whatthehell, television. Or politics.

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