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We like to brag here – quietly, of course – about how Spot-on helps keep you ahead of the news. We say it here first, you read it over there later.

A few weeks ago, Gopika Kaul worried that the Taj Mahal wouldn’t make it into a contest for the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. She worried for naught. This weekend, India’s monument to love made the cut.

Mike Spinney said he was bored of presidential politics and predicted we’d all catch up soon. But then he went off to watch the debates in New Hampshire. On Sunday, the New York Times agreed: It’s love-hate.

Jeanne Jackson’s contemplation of the iPhone might strike you as more sensible now that they’re predicted to cost half as much by Christmas.

Matthew Holt’s initial take on Michael Moore’s Sicko – predicting that it would get everyone thinking about health care in a new way – appears to be coming true. To fill out that thought, take a look at Nicole Martinelli’s report from the (Italian) trenches.

Christopher Brauchli’s “defense” of Dick Cheney and P.J. Rodriguez’s defense (more heartfelt) of Paris Hilton appear to be getting traction as well. Dick’s less and less popular every day while Paris sold more copies of People than almost anyone else.

All in all, a good few weeks. Thanks, as always, for reading. If you’d like to keep in touch more regularly, please consider a subscription to our newsletter (it’s free, it’s fun and we won’t sell you name to anyone). For daily updates, try our RSS feed. Updates via RSS are also available via MyYahoo and Bloglines.

And since summer beach-reading season is up on us, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that our Amazon stores are open for business with more recommendations from our writers – the very ones who are ahead of events. The “What We’re Reading” buttons around the site will take you where you want to go.

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