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More milestones!

Spot-on Mom Jeanne Jackson, our Liberal commentator Christopher Brauchli and our Hollywood Republican Scott Olin Schmidt all crosssed the “100 posts” mark this week.

Their entries are worth your time and attention: Jeanne’s post on her continuing love-hate relationship with technology, Chris’ piece on China’s Uighurs and Scott’s entry today on California Republicans’ in-house disputes on gays and immigration are all solid pieces of writing.

As we noted earlier when Nicole Martinelli cross this line, 100 episodes in television is considered a big deal since it means a show has syndication potential. And since Spot-on’s in the syndication business, we like to think the basic idea – building an audience steadily over a period of time – transfers over to the Internet. Our growing audience bears this out.

So, thanks, as always, for reading. And for coming back. If you’d like to keep in touch more regularly, please consider a subscription our newsletter (it’s free, it’s fun and we won’t sell your name to anyone). Our RSS feed is a good way to get daily updates and it’s available via MyYahoo and Bloglines.

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