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In the TV business, the 100th episode is a celebrated event. Why? Well, it’s an indication of popularity and staying power. But also because it marks a point where the show can be easily sold – or syndicated – to smaller networks.

Here at Spot-on, we’re engaged in the reverse process. We’re small and we syndicate – sell – to larger entities. But 100 is still a milestone.

So today, help Nicole Martinelli – our girl on the go in Milan – celebrate her 100th entry on our site as she takes a look at the wackiness that is Italian television.

We have other anniversaries coming up; we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Oh, and if you’re a newspaper or produce a TV or radio show, give us a call. Spot-on’s fine writers can spice up your editorial mix. Our syndication fees are reasonable, our writers responsible and our editorial as sticky as fly-paper. Write Spot-on founder and editor Chris Nolan for all the details.

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