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Just in time for The Sopranos AND Entourage – the two best things to ever happen to television – we’ve got a new writer here at Spot-on. And – whaddya know – he’s going to be commenting on that wonderful American phenomenon, pop culture.

Since so much of politics is theater – deliberate or otherwise – he’ll fit right in, won’t he? So please welcome P.J. Rodriguez to our gang of smart writers and insightful commentators. The founder of a long-established and very cool blog, ThePopView, he’ll be writing every Friday about TV, video, DVDs and that pop culture mainstay, rock’n'roll.

He gets things off on the right foot with a funny and insightful consideration of “reality” TV and the international havoc that can ensue. Have a look.

Enjoy. And thanks for reading. Spot-on continues to grow and thrive, so if you’re one of our newer readers, please consider a subscription to Spotlight, our weekly newsletter (it’s free, it’s fun and we won’t sell your name to anyone!).

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