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In honor of the Easter holiday, is moving servers. Yup, we’re hopping from one box to another.

You know what that means. Possible down-times, maybe a glitch or two; the chance that we won’t be exactly where you want us, when you want us to be there. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt…

We don’t anticipate any problems but we know enough about this computer stuff to know that you never know. Sort of like what happens when your kid eats too many Peeps before breakfast. In both cases, forewarned is, in fact, forearmed. So if we’re not here – even after you press “refresh” once or twice – give us a few seconds. We’ll be back – eventually.

And if it’s really not working, give us a shout. We’re moving in sections so the mail should work even if the site doesn’t. We think. At least that’s what the guy with the rabbit and the hat keeps saying.

Thanks for your patience. And enjoy your weekend.

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