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This week, we’re going to indulge ourselves in our favorite game: “We say it here first, you read it there later.” Or as Scott Olin Schmidt, the PR guy among us says, “We lead, they follow.”

First up, ’cause we know you’ll hear this again and again: Mike Spinney, a self-confessed political junkie, wonders if he can take it. What, you ask? The never-ending primary, that’s what. Also leading: Chris Nolan’s observation that the 2008 election centers on women’s votes – and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ability to mine that vein for support that will, in the end, elect her – found an echo in a Los Angeles Times piece on the same idea. More to come here, as well.

Then there’s Jonathan Ansfield’s reports on Gao Zhisheng – Martyr Gao as Jonathan called him – who surfaced in Tuesday’s New York Times. The debate between “openess” and control in China has just begun and Jonathan’s writing details that process nicely.

Matthew Holt’s piece on the need to re-examine the nation’s “war” on drugs - which he has consistently equated with the “war’ on terror – came in neck-and-neck with our pal Arianna Huffington’s musings on the subject. Matthew’s been on this for much longer, however, as this piece demonstrates. Along those same lines – but with a slightly different cast – a few moments with Christopher Brauchli and his comments on the U.S. rules on “enemy combatants” and the CIA practice known as “rendition” is worth your time. Chris is usually ahead of most folks when it comes to these matters, as his essays on Jose Padilla have demonstrated.

It’s not all politics: Take a look at Deborah Klosky’s piece on shopping and home decor. This sounds like another one of Deb’s eerily prescient takes on American spending habits – a New York Times’ Sunday Style piece yet to come.

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