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Food, glorious food! We’ve made room for food!

Please welcome Kevin Weeks to Spot-on’s ranks. Kevin’s going to write about our national obsession with what we eat and how we eat it. Don’t think he’s one of those self-conscious, pure earth types leaning more toward nuts and berries than beef and potatoes. A resident of Knoxville, Tennessee, Kevin knows fat, sugar and French cooks, as he demonstrates in this, his first post.

You can get a look at Kevin’s cooking at his site, Seriously Good and look for him here, every Monday.

His arrival is well-timed. Spot-on is suddenly very popular. In the news business, a surge of interest means you’ve done something very right or very wrong. Since we haven’t (yet) written about Anna Nicole Smith, we’re going to assume it’s the former and thank you – all of you readers – as enthusiastically as we can.

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Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again soon.

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