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New Year Spot


That was some year, huh?

Among other things, 2006 was Spot-on’s first full year in business. It’s a pleasure to report that readership since that time has tripled. So have the number of voices here on the site. We’ll have more of that growth in the weeks and months to come, too. So stick around.

For those of you just getting here – or even those of you who missed a few months – we’ve put together a New Year’s special of the most popular posts from the past 12 months. It’s kind of our Twelve Days of Christmas/NewYear/Kwanza/Whatever. Enjoy. It’s also a great way to take a look back at the year’s news.

January: Deborah Klosky, Yuan-na Supersize That?

February: Chris Nolan, Beating (Off) a Dead Horse

March: Joshua Trevino, Crashing the Gates, A Review

April: Scott Olin Schmidt, Pondering the Pelosi Revolution

May: Chris Nolan, Introductions

June: Chris Nolan, Love for Sale

July: Nicole Martinelli, American Airlines Customer Disservice, Part II

August: Mike Spinney, Talking Sense About The Lieberman Loss

September: Matthew Holt, The AMA: Pushing Patients Around

October: Scott Olin Schmidt, Tan Nguyan: Manchurian Candidate?

November: Jeanne Jackson, The Sideshow

December: Mike Spinney, Common Sense, Common Decency.

As always, you have our thanks for your time and attention. We can think of no higher compliment. If you’d like to start your New Year off right, consider a subscription to our weekly newsletter (it’s free, it’s fun and we won’t sell your name to anyone!). Those of you who like daily updates can subscribe to our RSS feed. Updates via RSS are also available via MyYahoo and Bloglines.

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