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We here at Spot-on have a little saying we use to remind you to keep reading: We say it here first, you read it over there later.

We’re not just talking about our ability to foresee political trends or get ahead of breaking news. We’re good at that. But we’ve also got that culture stuff covered, too. Just take a look at Deborah Klosky’s pages.

In fact, it’s kind of scary to see what Deb will hone in on. The latest example is the cheerleader situation: The girls are being sent to cheer for, um, the girls. Deb had that one ages ago.

Communication in marriage? Again, Deb weighed in with the real-world view on what was was one of the Times’ “most e-mailed” stories last year.

The skinny model controversy? Here’s Klosky saying, well, if what’s now on the runways is “fat” then we’re all in a world of hurt.

And last but not least, with the Family Beckham leaving Spain for sunny Los Angeles, Deb offers a taste of what to expect when Becks and his Posh Spice wife roll into town.

You wanna sound smart at your next cocktail party, don’t you? So read Deb. She won’t mind if you steal a quip or two. She’s got more where those came from.

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