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Hillary Rodham Clinton’s announcement that she will, in fact, seek the presidency is pretty thrilling, particularly if you’re what’s often referred to as “a woman of a certain age.” ’bout time, huh, girlfriend?

So here’s a pointer to the stuff we’ve written on Clinton and her potential candidacy:

Chris Nolan on Why Clinton Shouldn’t Run and, this being politics, on Why She Should. Also, Nolan has some thoughts on the general nature of political commentary here on the web which will have a direct bearing on how the chattering class talks about Clinton’s candidacy, as well as a look at Bill Clinton’s role as first spouse.

Deborah Klosky on women in politics and women and work with a little look at first daughter Chelsea.

Mike Spinney on HRC’s support, or lack thereof, and Matthew Holt on some aspects of the abandoned but not entirely forgotten Clinton Health Care plan and the state of play since she abandoned that cause.

Finally, Scott Olin Schmidt weighs in on the campaign, generally.

We got more in the pipeline, don’t you worry about that. Stay tuned!

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