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We’re off to a roaring start to the New Year! Traffic’s up, more syndication clients are “looking in” and we’ve had a real push of good, solid writing here at Spot-on. Thanks!

Things political have dominated. Today’s post by Matthew Holt is a nice follow up to his writing last week. Matthew’s got a sweet set of issues to talk about when it comes to health care, both here in California and in national politics, so please spend time with him.

We’re not the only ones who are taking notice of his good work, either. Today, Matthew’s up at Cato Unbound going head to head with another health care wonk, Arnold Kling, in a piece he’s called Abundance Is Insulated from a Crisis–For Now.

Matthew’s not the only one getting an outside audience. Spot-on founder Chris Nolan’s going to Memphis, Memphis, Tenn., where she┬┤ll be talking about journalism, reform and re-invention (all at once!) over the next few days. If you’re in Memphis, say “hi!”

UPDATE: A link to the “Citizen Journalism” panel in Memphis is here. Afro-Netizen Chris Rabb was particularly good. We also had a very responsive audience – so listen to the Q&A as well.

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