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The line between “blogging” and reporting got a little darker on Sunday.

You regular readers could see this one coming. Spot-on’s been speculating that many of the writers out there who were so fervent in their causes might have been working for the campaigns they espoused. And Sunday’s New York Times offers some indications that’s true.

National Journal writer Daniel Glover (yes, it’s his real name) rounded up campaign reports from the Federal Elections Commission and the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and “discovered” a series of payments made to writers at various political blogs. Top winners? DailyKos and MyDD. Biggest donors? Sen. Sherrod Brown and uh, Sen. Joe Lieberman’s challenger Ned Lamont.

Glover also includes Hilary Clinton staffer Peter Dauo in his round up which isn’t exactly fair – Daou’s been very open about his advocacy position. And clever about it, too. That blogger lunch with Bill Clinton was a whole lot smoother than sending a check and probably got the same results.

This ain’t over. Our reporters’ noses tell us there will be more on this next month as Federal Elections Commission reports on campaign spending fall due and we – and the working press whose suspicions are now aroused – get a better look at where the money went.

And and something else to consider: Using as a guide (which isn’t hugely reliable but, honestly, what is?) it seems that many of the harshly political sites out there didn’t have the break-out years that you might think in terms of readership growth. They’re loud, it seems. But they’re not that big.

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