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Time for another edition of Spot-on’s favorite game: Measuring what we do against larger media outlets. This isn’t a competition, you understand, we just wanna make sure you loyal readers know we’re on top of things. In a nice way, of course.

Today’s honoree is Scott Olin Schmidt. Scott’s been on a bit of a roll lately. Which is kind of surprising, given that his fellow Republicans aren’t exactly thriving. But well, there’s something to be said for not following the crowd.

A few weeks ago, Scott speculated that the Democrat’s desire to claim Congress could have consequences for moderate Repubilcans and he pointed to some New England office holders. This week, the New York Times was writing about New England Republicans as an endangered species. Hmmmmm.

That’s not all. Scott’s called for gay Republicans in elected office to come out of the closet. Weeks later, celeb blogger Perez Hilton made the same argument for Hollywood and the L.A. Times used his calls as the hook for a big fat feature. Interesting, no?

And while you can quarrel his word choice, Scott’s assertion that it’s time to rename the conflict in Iraq – he’s looking at the glass being half full, others say it’s half-empty – is another sign he’s ahead of the news curve. Whatever you think is going on in Iraq, it sure ain’t classic warfare.

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