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Okay, by this time tomorrow the 2006 mid-term elections ought to be sorta over. We decided to do some crystal ball gazing. Anyone on the site who’s done anything even remotely political during the past month was asked for their predictions on how the House of Representatives and the Senate would break.

Please note, only serious politico, Scott Olin Schmidt remembered that there are three Independents actually in Congress right now so big points for him. You’ll also note that our opinions about who’s going to win what are evenly divided.

Matthew Holt:

House Democratic by 3 (Democrats 221, Rep 214). Senate 50/50, with Vice President Dick Cheney (as Senate President Pro Tem) being 2 branches of government. No way that Tennesseans will elect a black man, but 5 Senate seats will flip over.

Marshal Zeringue:

I base my guesses on the “wisdom of crowds” and use the Washington Stock Exchange to gauge that wisdom. So many of the races will fluctuate in the next few days that considerable guesswork is involved. I come up with a Republican Senate and Democratic House. House: Dems: 228, Rep: 207. Senate: Dems 49, Rep: 51.

Chris Nolan:

House stays Republican by 8 seats (226 Republicans, 209 Democrats). Senate goes Democratic by 2. 50 Dems, 48 Republicans and 1 Independent. Sen. Joe Lieberman gets sweet revenge.

Jeanne Jackson:

Since you are putting a gun to my head….House Dems: 217, Rep: 218. Senate Races: Dems: 50, Rep: 50 Yup, as straight down the middle as I can get.

Mike Spinney:

Senate will be 50 GOP, 49 Dem, and 1 “Indy.” House: Dems by one vote. Haggard balances out Kerry where it matters

Scott Olin Schmidt:

House: Dems 216, Reps 218, Independents 1. Pelosi loses out as payback for scuttling California’s Prop 77 last year. Senate: 49 GOP. 49 Democrats. 2 Independents.

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