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PostElect Spot


The post-election commentary period is coming to an end but before we saunter off for the holiday, a few last words are in order, particularly for some of you new (Romenesko) readers. Here’s a look at our post-election work. It’s a lot and it’s all pretty interesting.

You’d do well to read Christopher Brauchli‘s final, dismal look at the work all-Republican Congress. He’s back today with some more thoughts about Republicans.

Matthew Holt also looked ahead to the next Congress this week. His predictions for action on the part of Congressional Democrats on health insurance and related issues aren’t too cheery. And Mike Spinney says that much of what’s going on politically is the result of the two parties ignoring real problems and avoiding true solutions. Spinney’s got it good, his editor, Chris Nolan agrees him.

And before you take off to turkey and the trimmings – which, as we all know means Christmas is coming soon – take a look at Scott Olin Schmidt‘s comments on Christmas and marriage and how the state’s involvement in both makes for unhappiness all around. It’s a new, seasonal take on a familiar argument.

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