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Mailbag 11.13.06


Reader Julieanne Winston writes in from Atlanta with a few thoughts on this last election where nastiness was the order of the day. She doesn’t focus as much on on-line behavior as some of us here at Spot-on have but in an age when we have less privacy and more information about one another, Winston’s comments are worthwhile.

Who are we going to get to run for office if every corner of their lives is going to be combed over for years before the election and nothing but nothing is sacred? Grades, that unfortunate toilet paper incident, the youthful indiscretions now magnified at 127 frames a second? Grainy, barely there images that stopped being relevant a decade ago are back – with a vengeance? Then there is the really big stuff like inhaling and who you were married to when this picture of you and a comely vixen was snapped by a passerby in Bali last year? The woman does not appear to be your wife. No, she does not.


And none of it has anything to do with your position on stem cell research, guns (yawn), global warming (hoax or predicament?) same sex marriage and whether or not you have a cogent, distinct and reasonable plan to extricate this country from Iraq without imploding the middle east. In today’s gotcha environment, none of this is important – and the media environment seems to be expanding all the time.

If we value family then we should not destroy them in the process of electing our representatives. And if we want our representatives to truly represent us then perhaps they should reflect us, with all of our weaknesses, and not search out the canned, the lame and the inexperienced.

Without naming names and dates (because it would again dredge up that which should have stayed below the political gnat-line in the first place) there have been many good men and women who have withdrawn or been demoralized as a result of the fever pitch of “gotchas” from the press gallery.

When was the last time a political reporter went looking for the good that has been done? One can almost sense the bitter disappointment of the press corp when there is nothing to fling.

But we do not hear about what is good, or decent or patently American in our candidates. No. Extruded from the pasts of those who dare to run are the expense accounts, the charitable donations, the prescription records, the rumors of marriage counseling, the divorce files and the peccadillos of what’s normally called “everyday” life: Running red lights and failing economics and being a little fuzzy on what really happened at parties that took place 20 years ago.

Goes with the territory? To this degree? I think not.

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