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We’re having a little traffic boomlet here at Spot-on with folks looking for commentary and analysis of the now-national debate on using embryonic stem cells for research and possible cures for diseases like Parkinsons and diabetes.

California, where Spot-on is based, hashed through most of these issues two years ago. We had a range of opinions express here on the site, all of which still have bearing on what’s being discussed this year.

Spot-on founder Chris Nolan looked at the economic impact of the ban on research as well as the Silicon Valley tie-in to the $1 billion bond measure that created California’s stem cell research fund.

Scott Olin Schmidt has written about the politics involved for Republicans. Josh Trevino, writing on this site, made the argument opposing research using Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele’s campaign as his centerpiece. Opposing Trevino: Christopher Brauchli.

As always you have our thanks for reading.

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