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Time for another edition of Spot-on’s favorite game: We say it here first, you can read it there later.

First up: Christopher Brauchli and Pope Benedict XVI. Brauchli’s been predicting for months that the Pope’s policies and statements on Islam and the Crusades will get him in serious trouble. It finally happened this past weekend.

Next? Mike Spinney. His observations about Hewlett Packard’s former board member, George Keyworth, were nicely prescient. So much so that one of our heroes, Jack Shafer raised his own eyebrow on the same day Mike’s post appeared.

Chris Nolan’s been pointing out that Siilcon Valley’s freewheeling – cough, cough – style of doing business is going to come in to harsh, close contact with the “real” world for almost as long as Brauchli’s been warning about the Pope. This weekend – and no doubt across the business pages of this nation’s newspaper – that sentiment was echoed by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Not that we’re all seriousness here. One of Nicole Martinelli’s first posts was about the smiley face a barrista in Milan used to top off her cappucino. This month’s Vanity Fair magazine carries…well, see for yourself.

VF Grin

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