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We got another writer here at!

Please welcome Marshal Zeringue, a displaced Louisianan – yup, a man who knows Katrina – to our fold. He’ll be writing each week about books and movies and that stuff we call culture. Politics is, after all, a reflection of culture; they’re inseparable. Marshal’s writing will, we hope, be a nice complement to the regular listings from A&LDaily that you’re seeing here each morning where the political, the social and the “artistic” are all combined.

Marshal makes that point nicely this week with his clever review of John Updike’s Terrorist. Enjoy.

This is also a good time to address an issue raised – indirectly – last week by some reader mail about writer Scott Olin Schmidt’s position on California’s “Clean Money” Prop.89 which goes before voters this fall.

Los Gatos, CA resident Kevin Noon says he doesn’t buy Scott’s argument and wonders if perhaps he’s getting some of those “independent expenditures” the law would curtail.

In an era of unbridled corruption funding lies, wars and the elimination of civil liberties clean money may be just the bleach we need to clean the bugs out of political system. I must say after reading both of these opinions I wonder if Scott Olin Schmidt might be benefitting form some dirty money.

That’s not the nicest way to phrase things but it’s a point worth addressing since Scott, who is very active in Republican Party politics in Los Angeles, also runs a public relations firm. Another writer, Mike Spinney, is also employed by firms who often share his not-very-politically-correct point of view about matters relating to the tech business.

The first thing to note is that as a site that takes political advertising, everyone here at Spot-on stands to benefit from any kind of campaign spending. But that’s not really what Noon is getting at. As most of you regular readers are aware, most Spot-on writers have other jobs; most of those jobs are writing jobs. So writers are asked to bear their conflicts in mind when they write and argue here. Occasionally, they’ll be asked to step aside on a debate to avoid conflict that might confuse a debate or discussion to the point where our editors aren’t comfortable having the site serve as a platform. But we don’t think this situation will arise too frequently.

So far all our writers have been clear about what they’re doing and how – or if – they’re getting paid. They’ve told us and they’ve told you. For more on our policies about this, you can check out our “about us” page for a full set of our editorial guidelines..

As always, thanks for reading. We’re done growing for now. But after Labor Day we’ll be getting some new voices. So stay tuned!

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