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Mailbag 7.18.06


Time for some more reader mail. Got something to say? Don’t be shy!

One reader took exception to Nicole Martinelli’s complaints about how long it was taking American Airlines to get back to her about her complaint.

I felt compelled to rebut the recent blog entry concerning the lack of customer service at American Airlines.

Ms. Martinelli, please take into consideration the sheer amount of refund transactions that a business the size of American Airlines encounters daily. And then multiply that by 365. The act of authorizing refunds without research invites fraud. Although I, and hopefully you, would never knowingly enter into a fraudulent transaction, there are many people that will. If the integrity of every refund request could be guaranteed, I am certain that American Airlines would issue them promptly. Until that day will arrives, we simply must wait. – Corey Smith, Euless, Texas

Matthew Holt (and everyone else’s) complaints about ESPN‘s Wold Cup coverage triggered this comment from Wayne Van Zomeren in Ypsilanti, Mich. whose not pleased with how the network covers the Tour De France bike race. Soccer isn’t the only sport the channel doesn’t seem to understand.

I’m ticked that ESPN gives more coverage to the hot-dog eating contest than to the Tour De France. It is my personal opinion that the bike guys are the best athletes in the world. The push themselves to the extreme riding a bike at 25 miles per hour for about 150 miles and then do it again the next day. Riding the bike in that crow is difficult. I’ve heard the ESPN guys last years saying all they do is ride a bike! A baseball picture pitches a game and needs 4 or 5 days off. Football players need a week only basketball players come close to what the tour demand physically. Even soccer players take time off after running for 90 minutes. I’d love to see any of the ESPN guys keep up with the riders for 10 minutes. Give the tour a few minutes instead of running the same stories over and over. They [ESPN] seem to know football, roundball and some tennis and maybe a little NASCAR but that’s it. I dare any of them to watch OLN for 2 hours and then say “any one can ride a bike”. They love a perfect game and to talk baseball strategy but seem unable to understand the strategy of the tour. Don’t say no one is interested learn how to develop an audience.

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