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We have another addition to the site we’d like to call to your attention.

See the pretty box on the left from Arts&Letters Daily? That’s a new regular feature, mornings here at Spot-on.

The folks at A&L – the educated person’s aggregator (our description, not theirs) – have been nice enough to let us take a feed of their daily three-part listing and display it here to give you, dear reader, a quick hit of interesting offerings on-line. A&L Daily gets high marks in lots of quarters for its depth, breadth and smarts. We’re flattered they’ve allowed us to take their listings.

This is – for those of you following the ins and outs of how on-line journalism is changing the news business – another great example of what we call the “networked news”. You don’t care where you get the information you want. You just care that it’s where you want it, when you want it. Our job as writers and editors is to help you get it. We think that’s what’s going to bring you back again and again.

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