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Next week promises to be a busy one around here.

The U.S. Senate is going to take up the issue of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Christopher Brauchli has filed his take on the debate. Brauchli’s piece touches on the Catholic Church’s ideas about stem cell research so you might find Deborah’s Klosky’s rumination on church and state, Europe v. the U.S. an interesting bit of background on this issue. Chris Nolan, who wrote a lot about Prop. 71, the $3 billion California bond initiative, will have her comments early next week.

Matthew Holt is going to stop writing about football, er soccer (at last!) and concentrate on the issues at hand. Namely the proposed enactment of a San Francisco law requiring employers to provide health insurance for their employees – all their employees. Matthew wrote about this earlier this year so as you consider the week ahead, you might find this post about why laws like San Francisco’s come to be written and this one about how one local business reacted useful.

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