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Vol 1. No. 9


Waiting for the California polls to close?Democratic Primary results? It could be a while. “Lawyers are standing by….” is the phrase on the late-night news. But don’t fret. In preparation for this very eventuality (er…..uh, no, really ’cause we’re intersted) Spot-on’s done a fair amount of pre-primary coverage. Here are some highlights for you to peruse as you wait. And, er, wait.

Scott Olin Schmidt’s look at the race for disgraced Congressman Duke Cunningham offers some hope – just a glimmer, but still – for Democrats look at the November 2006 races with an idea of making San Francisco’s Representative Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. Read Schmidt’s analysis. It’s good.

And Chris Nolan can’t stop being cranky as she surveys the candidates running on the Democratic ticket. Nolan was bored by the whole race when she first took a look so maybe cranky is a step in the right direction.

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