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Are you reading this from the safety of a daily newsroom in San Antonio, Houston, Arlington of San Francisco? Then tell your editor what a great read Spot-on is. Starting today, it may be easier to share the fun. Even better, you might help your fine daily paper site get some of the great writers here for your very own.

Oh, you say you’re an editor? Well then, you need to have a look at Pluck’s BlogBurst. That’s a special reader that allows you, oh great and wonderful content controller, to click through sites like this and pick the best of the best for your waiting and anxious readers.

We announced the deal a few weeks ago but today Spot-on went live on Pluck. This is the first stage of our partnership and would couldn’t be happier. The “merging” of Big Media and editorial start-ups like ours is finally happening!

Buckle up!

As always, those of you outside the newsroom can get regular updates about us via our RSS feed. Or you can get Spot-on via MyYahoo or Bloglines. A subscription to our weekly newsletter is also a good way to keep up with what we’re doing.

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