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Did you loyal Spot-on readers get a sense of deja vu all over again when you glanced at Sunday’s New York Times Op-ed Pages?

We sure did. A brief dip into Nicholas Kristoff’s piece from Beijing talking about an increase in religious activity throughout China did the trick. Just last week, Jonathan Ansfield posted a charming piece – complete with a live living buddah – that made that same point.

David Brooks spent his Sunday taking Markos Moulitsas and the gang at the DailyKos to task. But Spot-on readers have known for more than a year that Moulitsas has questionable ethics, a bad temper, likes to pick fights and thinks of himself as far more important than he is. Our take – Love For Sale – ran two week ago and has presaged pretty much everything that’s been written since. Much of that piece relied on previous reporting, beginning in January, 2005 when we looked at the line between journalism and activism and found DailyKos and company coming up short.

Then there was Moulitsas’ behavior at the DNC Western States meeting in Sacramento in Jan. 2005. In his response , Moulitsas compared himself to Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

A few months later, Spot-on ran a piece about the Federal Elections Commission’s decision not to treat bloggers as political entities and why it’s important (they can hide money for campaigns):

And we got a good look at the bullying tactics at work when Moulitsas threatened Carol Darr, director of GW’s Institute on Politics, Democracy and the Internet for doing nothing more than criticizing his approach to the FEC (Darr doesn’t think people should hide their political spending).

Conservative Josh Trevino’s review of Moultisas’ book – Crashing the Gates had some pointed observations about tactics and what’s wrong with the strategy the book outlines.

And finally, Scott Olin Schmdit pointed out that net “roots” hysteria like Moulitsas and Daily Kos doesn’t work on the left or the right. It’s bullying, nothing less, nothing more.

We say it here first. You can read it there later.

Intelligent. Independent. Insightful. Now that’s Spot-on.

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