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This here Spotlight exists for many reasons. One of ‘em is to show off.

Today’s New York Times has a front-page story on corruption and soccer. Hmmmm. You regular readers might find that familiar. Particularly if you read Matthew Holt’s piece on referees and his favorite game from a few weeks ago. And yeah, don’t worry, more World Cup is in our future….

This week’s New York Review of Books has a very important piece from Elizabeth Drew about President George Bush’s push to concentrate the power of his office. Drew writes about a “a heretofore obscure doctrine called the unitary executive.” Maybe obscure to NYRB readers but not to you Spot-on subscribers.

And yeah, we do love it when this happens. We say it here first. You read it there later. That’s why Christopher Brauchli’s column today about military contractors and the construction of a “fence” at the U.S – Mexican border is so important.

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