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There are lots of websites that serve up politics and current affairs as it it were cold spinach. This is not one of them. We think politics, social and cultural affairs can be made interesting, compelling even, when molds are broken.

That’s why we’ve spent a bit of time this month on the World Cup. You smart readers may have noticed that our friend Mr. Toobin at the New Yorker did as well and you really smart readers might have noticed that, uh, apart from a few lines bordering on the witty and marvelously politically incorrect, he said little that hasn’t been touched on here. We do like it when that happens.

The cup’s final games will be played this 4th of July (here in the U.S.) holiday weekend. So have a look at Matthew Holt’s fine coverage of the game’s scandals, its importance to Europeans and its political and economic aspects. Our two European-based writers, Nicole Martinelli (who managed to write from Italy and New York) and Deborah Klosky have chimed in as well. As did our resident football expert, Scott Olin Schmidt.

Linking to Ms. Klosky is a reminder to point to today’s New York Times where Judith Warner is holding forth about childhood obesity and Europe. A real Mom on the NYT Op-ed page? Writing about food and kids? My God! Things are changing in the Big Media landscape. Of course, none of this isn’t new to you regular readers.

We say it here first. You read it there later.

In keeping with this tradition, you’ll probably see a bit of travel writing from us this summer. With writers spread out around the globe, it’s appropriate. Travel is probably the best way to understand the world and if you can’t get out of the house or even out of town, Spot-on is here to give you a look through another’s eyes.

Enjoy your 4th. To get in the spirit, you might enjoy this post from Jeanne Jackson. She’s quietly fired up.

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