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May 16 2006


Well, well, Spring has come to Spot-on. Achoo!

Matthew Holt is taking a break from health care to indulge – and we’re just going to have to take it, it’s in his contract – his rabid and maddening enthusiasm for what the English call “footie.” That’s soccer to most of you and me. His post is a convenient excuse it issue a stern warning: With an Englishman on staff and two writers living in European soccer powerhouse nations, the chances of us getting through June without more of this soccer nonsense are virtually impossible. The World Cup approaches!

In keeping with that spirit – how little we know each other – Jeanne Jackson offers up a nice comment on schooling and the politics of parenting. It was triggered by this post offered last week by Nicole Martinelli.

Battling his own version of Spring fever, Jonathan Ansfield reports in from China about a rock concert and offers up a few thought on the Chinese art scene and its political and cultural standing.

Meanwhile, your fearless editor – been kinda quiet around here, yes – continues to struggle with one harbinger of the season: pollen. Achoo!

Which, to judge from Scott Olin Schmidt’s scathing review of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” – can probably – somehow – be blamed on global warming.

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