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Time to get out the WayBack machine and remind folks just how horrible things are getting with the Bush Administration. Summer’s coming to Washington. It’s going to be long and hot.

Even as recently as January, it was hard to really draw the parallels between Bush and Nixon. No longer – Senate Republicans are out for blood (and to save their own asses in November). The leaks about the NSA might have come from within the administration – who’s been screwed out of a big job lately? – but it’s more likely that Congress – specifically Republicans with access to intelligence reports – had a hand in the constant dribble of leaks and revelations.

There is one big difference between this administration and the Nixon administration – this president doesn’t deny anything. Leaked documents? Sure, they did it. Listened in on phone calls? Yup. Secret prisons? You betcha. All part of the war on terror. Gotta get those evil doers wherever they appear!

Well, that argument has started to take a big hit. Take a look at this Wall Street Journal piece about former Judge Michael Luttig and his frustration over the administration’s decision to abandon the “evil doer” argument when it became politically inconvenient. In his letter of resignation, the judge, touted as a future Supreme Court nominee, praised the president’s father, not the man himself. As with Watergate: Republicans with principles are leaving this administration. So, we’ll begin the introductions here: Michael Luttig meet Elliot Richardson.

You know that old saw about those who don’t learn history being condemned to repeat it? Well, it’s time to remind the Bush folks – who are fundamentally all about the politics of consolidating the presidental power that was taken away from Richard Nixon and the office he held in the post-Watergate era – of the people they bring to mind (and the jail sentences they earned, if any).

So, Dick Cheney, meet John Mitchell (conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury)

Scooter Libby, meet John Dean (obstruction of justice)

Karl Rove, meet H.R. Halderman (conspiracy, obstruction of justice).

Porter Goss meet E. Howard Hunt (wiretapping, conspiracy, burglary)

Tony Snow, meet Ron Zeigler.

Joe Wilson, meet Larry O’Brien

Arlen Specter, meet Howard Baker

Lindsey Graham meet Lowell Weicker

That outta get the party started…..

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