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Like other established media outlets, Spot-on gets pitches for links, coverage and quotes from magazines, columnists, book authors and other websites who PR folks dutifully send us fill-in-the-blank emails asking for our attention. Sometimes we link, sometimes we don’t.

On Friday we got a special request, a two-fer. It’s a great way to point to a good story and a good way to show off our own work.

The story in question is in June’s San Francisco magazine – which seems to be trying to become a serious pub – by Carleen Hawn. It’s about Silicon Valley banker Frank Quattrone and it uses Quattrone’s support for the Innocence Project as a way to profile his career as the valley’s top banker and showcase the web of connections he built up over the years and which have sustained him through his legal diffculties.

It’s nicely done and thorough but – and here’s the showing off our own work part – it’s nothing you regular readers haven’t already heard.

Here at Spot-on we call this “breaking opinion.” We say it here first. You can read it everywhere else later.

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