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April 19, 2006


Amazingly, Spot-on has found someone who like Caitlin Flanagan.

You regular readers know Flanagan. She’s the woman we use as a punching bag when we get tired of picking on Maureen Dowd.

But starting today, no more one-sided trouncing! Our newest writer, Jeanne Jackson steps in today with a few things to say about child-rearing. As you regular readers know, Spot-on has a soft spot for intra-site debate. We think it’s good for all of us.

We’re bracing for more, too. As Nicole Martinelli points out in her post from Milan, the World Cup is on the way. With a writer in Spain (Deborah Klosky) who is married to an Argentine, another writer, an Englishman here in the U.S. who believes the Internet was designed for the sole purpose of providing him with live football matches (Matthew Holt) and Martinelli chiming in from Milan, things could get a little heated around here.

Not that anyone’s slouching off in the non-sports arena.

This week Deb has a thoughtful post on taxes and why we pay them, contrasting the European ideal of public service and civic participation with what we in the U.S. take for granted. It won’t make you feel better about writing any checks to the I.R.S. But for those of you following the writing Chris Nolan has been doing on Progressive Libertarians and their desire for a business-like political and civic climate, it’s worth a few minutes of your time.

So is Matthew’s very funny recounting of his adventures apply for – and getting, despite his age and a few, uh, infirmities – health insurance. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be glad you don’t have his knees.

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