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April 5, 2006


You regular readers won’t be surprised – we hope – by the nice notice we’ve got over at PoliticsOnline. We are their “hot site” this week. We blush to quote but it, well, we can’t help ourselves:

“Spot-On’s appeal lies in its ability to provide hard news and insight from both the left and right – on an even scale. And as it turns out, it’s not too much to ask for fair and balanced reporting from experienced journalists online, who happen to have a knack for lively writing.

All this plus a deceptively simple, yet ultimately original Web format makes for a thoroughly engaging experience.”

Since we’re heaping praise on ourselves, we should take a few minutes to review some of the good work and smart writing being done here.

Matthew Holt’s commentary on the U.S. Health care system continues to lead. Matthew’s explanation about what’s happening in Massachusetts – and here in San Francisco – are well ahead of what you’ll see in today’s papers.

The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear Jose Padilla’s appeal is another good example of how we lead, not follow conventional wisdom. Here’s Spot-on writer Christopher Brauchli talking about the case just after Thanksgiving and, again,
just before Christmas
. Chris has been on hiatus for a bit while he was traveling but he’s back, today, in full-throated vigor.

Tuesday’s New York Times also carried a story demonstrating how immigrants are often good Republicans. Spot-on’s Scott Olin Schmidt made that same point Monday.

Meanwhile, control of the U.S. Congress is officially up for grabs. Chris Nolan predicted as much back in, um, August as she detailed how Republicans were shooting their ownselves in the foot.

Thanks for reading!

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