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March 12, 2006

2006 editor Chris Nolan is going to be in hipster-ville this week, moderating a panel at SXSW.

For those of you not up on your cool lingo “Ess-Ex-Ess-Dubya” translates to “South By SouthWest” a conference of film, music and, well hipsters, held annually in Austin, Texas.

Nolan will be moderating a panel “Video Blog Business Models” at 11:30 Tuesday with distinguished panelist Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron, VideoEgg’s Kevin Sladek, Minnesota Blogumentarian Chuck Olsen, Blastro’s Casey Charvet and’s Jason Kinberg.

What are we gonna talk about? We’re gonna talk about how you make money off this Internet thing, that’s what. Video blogs – vblogs – may look very different from what goes on her behind the magic curtain but don’t be fooled. The business models – and choices – are surprisingly similar.

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