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March 8, 2006


We have a chilling set of posts this week at Spot-on. All worth reading.

Josh Trevino has a lovely set of three – yes, three – posts up at about the Iraqi war. Francis Fukuyama may have the high-level policy repudiation of the NeoCon agenda down pat. Josh, well, Josh has his own – well articulated, as always – thoughts that are worth reading.

A Syllabus of Errors, One

A Syllabus of Errors, Two

A Syllabus of Errors, Three

If that’s not enough, Mr. Christopher Brauchli’s look at the U.S. and Boliva might make you a tad uncomfortable about where the Bush Administration is headed.

Last week, Deborah Klosky turned her attention to Portugese law and abortion and choice and – given what’s going on in South Dakota – gave us a glimpse of what may well happen here in the U.S. if abortion law changes.

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