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March 28, 2006


Spot-on’s fine crowd of writers have had a lot to say for themselves recently. Immigration is on our minds in many different ways. Here are the Spotlights.

Earlier this week, Scott Olin Schmidt pointed out that protesters in Los Angeles are going to get what they want from none other than Republican George Bush.

He’s followed up, too calling himself a “bleeding heart Republican.”

Chris Nolan
had some questions for the Democrats about their strategy.

Deborah Klosky chimes in with her emigrant experience. Ever wondered what life was like before “Mommy and Me”?

Or Viagra‚ĶNicole Martinelli, writing from Milan, brings us a review of a play – commissioned by Big Pharma company Pfitzer – about Viagra. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be glad Nicole went so she can tell you about it.

And then you can read Matthew Holt’s critique of The New Republic’s ideas about health care reform.

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