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Roe at 33, Sarah at 27


This weekend marked the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision to allow a woman to legally terminate a pregnancy. This year may well mark yet another when the full rights offered with that court decision are trimmed, edited and curtailed.
I’ve said plenty about abortion and choice and my feelings that Democrats in the party – that’s mostly the boys, truth be told – would just as soon throw most feminist issues off the wagon in the name of victory. I’m not going to add to that today.
Instead, I’ll point you here to this post I read after Roxanne Cooper pointed it out. As eloquent as anything I have read this weekend, this post explains why the right to choose to end a pregnancy – a decision no one makes lightly – is one that should continue to be guaranteed under the Constitution.
That the author, Sarah, is a young woman – young enough to never have known a world without Roe v. Wade – and that she is pregnant after believing for some time that she could not conceive only adds to its power and depth. Her husband has also written on the issue and the anniversary.

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