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Alert readers – that’s you, I know – will notice that Deborah Klosky, our feminist Mom, has a post up today that sounds just a little bit like an introduction. Why’s that you ask? Well, Deb is joining MSN Spaces Lifestyle filter. She’s the first of our Spot-on writers to get a syndication deal which makes us – not her, for a change – the proud “parents,” if you will.
Congrats to Deb! Also, watch this space for some more changes. Next week, we’ll be adding two new writers, Matthew Holt who will lend us his services talking about health care and public health issues (with the occasional incomprehensible joke about something he calls “football” but looks a lot like soccer to me).
Southern California Republican Scott Olin Schmidt will be offering us his political commentary, joining Mr. Trevino over there on the red, red right. Not that far right: Schmidt, a Southern California-based Republican, has written for two of Naughty Nicky Denton’s sites – most notable Wonkette – but he is perhaps best known in California political circles as boifromtroy. The USC Trojans are going to the Rose Bowl but Schmidt’s football musings – and his admiration for the good looking young men who play the game – won’t be making it to our pages. They’ll be staying where they belong.
As for me. well, I’ve been doing some talking, Yeah, I know. I’m good at it. Lord knows I get plenty of practice. This time someone made a podcast.
After the Corante conference last month, Jenny Attiyeh, who runs, conducted an interview with Corante’s COO Stowe Boyd, Mr. Cluetrain, David Weinberger and me.
Attiyeh’s calling three of us “Internet gurus.” I’m not so sure I deserve the title – those two others do, however – so you can click on over to Thoughtcast and have a listen to us talking about what we think is happening on the web and where we think it’s all going.

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