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From See To Shining See


Oh, those clever New Yorkers. Lookeeee! One of them came out here to California and discovered that we have a whole different way of doing things!
For instance, instead of getting drunk at lunch at Michael’s – which is a restaurant in New York City that people who work in the media business like to frequent – Californians talk business while they ride bicycles. Or during their tri-athlete training sessions. They’re so healthy, some of them even get up in the middle of the night to train!
And they’ve very serious! My God, Randy Komisar does 10,000 vertical feet every time he gets on his specially made fancy light bicycle. Can you imagine? Of course you can. Particularly if you know that Randy Komisar likes to bike – he even wrote about it in his latest book.
Oh, Silicon Valley, you’re back. You are so back that the East Coasters are coming to – sigh – once again marvel at your youth! Your stamina! Your lifestyle and oh yeah, your money.
Funny, they’re calling up the same folks they’ve always called. Randy Komisar. Paul Saffo. Auren Hoffman. Mark Pincus.
I’m being viciously sarcastic, of course. But this story is, once again, a gret example of what frustrates regular readers about Big Media. All of the men quoted in the piece are pretty well known press-friendly types. They are unofficial spokesman for Silicon Valley, familiar to PR folks and most of the reporters working in this part of the world.
Writing a Silicon Valley story and calling them is no different from writing a White House story and calling, uh, I dunno, Scooter Libby. And while the coziness factor isn’t exactly the same, it’s very close.
A lot has been written about The New York Times’ failing stature as a national newspaper; it’s inability to come to terms with the fact that it is no longer leading the national discussion. Part of the problem – and it is a serious one – is that The TImes, like most everyone else in Big Media, refuses to look past the way they’ve always done business by calling the same folks they “trust” and saying the same things in the same neutral tone, to them, to us.
It makes them – in this case and in the case of more important coverage – seem silly and way – almost a continent away – out of touch.

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