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The Deluge


When it rains, it pours.
My computer’s broken. Josh’s computer is on the fritz, too. That’s why it’s been so quiet.
I did manage to squeeze this eWeek column out of the laptop before it died. It’s about my few days last week in Greensboro at ConvergeSouth.
While I’ve been dealing with trains, planes and busted machines, Deborah Klosky has been writing up a storm. And Christopher Brauchli has weighed in (late, because my computer is broken) with a very good piece on Lynndie England.
Lynndie England’s role in what happened at Abu Ghraib may never be clearly understood. That is in no small part because of the porn-friendly poses she struck for her boyfriend. No one can see past it.
Harriet Miers, the woman who President Bush has appointed to the Supreme Court is no Lynndie England, of course. But clearly, no one – no men – know quite what to make of her. They can’t see past the wacky hair-dos and the way-too-conservative monocolor suits. Conservative cheerleader? “Office wife” as Maureen Dowd sneered? Or just competent and tough – tough enough to make it through Dallas legal circles at a time and place when women weren’t welcome in that profession?
The conversation about Miers – and the whispers about her unmarried status – would be disheartening if she were a Democrat. But watching Republicans turn on each other, well, it’s just a little more (unneeded) evidence that they don’t really mean it when they talk about equal status for women, here or overseas. Feminist rhetoric is trotted out to keep the home fires burning but it’s meaningless in any other context.
I’m in Washington for a few days where the home fires are burning on another story: the Karl Rove/Judith Miller/Valarie Plame/Joe Wilson soap opera. I’m still unmoved. But I kinda have to sit up and pay attention or the Big Media guys will come and take away my secret decoder ring. And I only just got a new one a few months ago.
Professor Jay Rosen has done a wonderful job on this story, analyzing it from the point of view of a loyal Times’ reader. As Marc Cooper says, Rosen’s post is well worth your time.
That’s all for now. Sorry for the light posting – and more apologies for what will be another light week coming up – but we should have all our different problems resolved shortly.
As they used to say on black-and-white TV: Please stand-by, our technicians (and writers) are working to correct the problem.

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