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Lions and Tigers and Bears….


Even the Yellow Brick Road had its problems.
Yes, we had a few tech glitches our first day. Most of them should be cleared up by now. The email alerts – courtesy of our friends at Feedblitz – are up and running. And our pals at Feedburner have gotten our RSS/Syndication/My Yahoo feeds in order. The technically inclined among you might notice that the labels for these things haven’t changed in the move. To you I say: find something more interesting to read.
Might I suggest a peek at new posts from our writers?
Mr. Trevino – on the road from the East Coast to his new home here in San Francisco – files a lovely and loving tribute to a friend. Believe me, I never thought I’d say this, but this is our kind of cat blogging.
Ms. Klosky has a few thoughts on how the California school system treats its junior sales assoc- er, students.
And Mr. Brauchli has a few observations about Congressman Tom DeLay.
Me? I’m traveling. Today it’s ConvergeSouth in Greensboro where Mr. Ed Cone and a host of regular folks with blogs treated me and other conference participants to some fine, fine BBQ. In a week I’ll be in New York for a more corporate sort of event, BlogOn. There’s still plenty of time to register for BlogOn, by the way. And there’s a handy commercial button lower down on the page that will link you there directly.
And yup, send in those bug reports. There’s always room for improvement.

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